Washington is in disarray. Our Senate and House of Representatives are run by members of the permanent political class. On both sides of the aisle, we have politicians who put their interests ahead of their constituents’ needs. Robert Blaha is not a member of the permanent political class. He’s a father, grandfather, and a businessman who is running for US Senate to make a difference for Coloradans from day one.


An articulate champion for conservative values, Robert knows that Coloradans have had enough of the permanent political class. From his friends and neighbors across Colorado he’s heard the message – that it’s time to break through the federal red tape, complacency and stalemates, and have our voices heard in Washington, DC.

In sharp contrast to the current permanent political class running DC, Republican voters in Colorado and across the country say they want people with business experience representing them in Washington. Unlike many of our current legislators, Robert Blaha has thirty-five plus years of business expertise and conservative common sense that he will use to secure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

After a successful business career and years of service in the community, Robert will no longer remain on the sidelines when real leadership is needed in Washington. The time is now for Robert Blaha to serve as the next US senator from Colorado.

I taught all my children to make a difference. I intend to do just that in Washington.

Robert Blaha is running to unseat Senator Michael Bennet in the November 8 general election.