Over the last few months I’ve travelled our beautiful state, meeting with activists just like you and laying forth my plan to beat Michael Bennet this November.

Truth is, I’m the only candidate in this race with the record and experience to beat Michael Bennet.  I’ve cleaned up waste.  I’ve built success.  And while others give excuses, I am the only candidate giving a guarantee of performance; along with a term-limit pledge.

Why?  Because unlike other candidates, I’m not a career politician, and never want to be.

My platform is simple: I plan to clean up Washington with the same fighting spirit of hard work and determination that made me a successful businessman.

I’ve lived the American dream. I had the opportunity to build a successful business and give my children a better life. But this isn’t about me.

This is about the future of our country and the opportunities we leave our children and our grandchildren.

They matter most. They’re the reason I’m running.

It’s time we elect a true conservative – somebody with a clear record, who didn’t vote for taxpayer funded sports arenas – somebody who doesn’t turn their back on our traditional family values – somebody who not only praises small businesses but has actually built them.

My friends, I’m the only candidate in this race with that record, and I’m the only one who will defeat Michael Bennet in November.

Remember, all ballots are due tomorrow.

So please join me by casting your vote and dropping off your ballot today.

CLICK HERE to find out where to turn in your ballot.

Together we can turn Washington around.

Thanks for your support.


–Robert Blaha