Today is the final day to vote in the Republican Primary, and I for one am relieved.

For months, Robert and I have not only criss-crossed all four corners of the state, but have endured the full time job of maintaining multiple small businesses.

Trust me, I have no idea how Robert pushes through the late nights and sacrifices — it’s just something he has always done.

Robert always puts our family, our church, our businesses, and our community first – even when it costs him some shut-eye.

He’s always dedicated; rising up to any call. This quality makes him a wonderful husband and even better father and grandfather.

Now he wants to bring that same fighting spirit, that same care and sacrifice to our families and communities here in Colorado.

I’ve stood by Robert since the day he announced he was running for office, and I’m asking you to join me in casting your vote for him and returning your ballot today.

Thanks for your support.

–Susan Blaha