By: Robert’s oldest daughter, Rachel


My Dad-Robert Blaha has no idea I am posting this…..since I manage his social media, I thought I’d take a minute to say a few words about him.

Though I was one of seven children, I never felt like one to my dad. My dad-was a very busy man but he always had time for me and still does.

Here I am a grown woman, wife and mother to three young children and I still look up to him, I always will. He is honest, hardworking, loves Jesus, and loves this country more than anyone I have ever met.

I remember going to sporting events with him growing up and when the National Anthem would be played he’d get all teary eyed….to be honest, he still does. He deeply believes with all his heart that America is Exceptional. Not that we are better than every country out there, but that the American conceived concept of individual liberty is Exceptional. The belief that one individual can make a difference.

Lot’s of people have compared my dad to Trump in this Senate race. There are some similarities; he is direct, politically incorrect, and a business man like Trump. But my dad has been married 39 years to my mom. He still looks at her like he did when I was a kid. He’s been a Republican his whole life. He has lead by example in his Christian walk and has devoted himself to living a life of character.

Running for U.S. Senate is not an easy task, and it’s not for the faint of heart. It directly affects ones family. My dad doesn’t need a career in DC, he has had a successful one in the private sector. So why do it? Why run? Because he knows our Individual Liberty is under attack and so do I.

We need people that will lead. People that will not just vote right and then do nothing else to further the conservative cause-voting right isn’t cutting it folks. We need strength now more than ever. We need people that will fight for this country. People that want to be held accountable. People that know how to create jobs, because they have actually created jobs. People that will term limit themselves-go SERVE and then COME HOME. We need people that know solutions to the problems we face. Enough problem makers, let’s elect problem solvers. The career politician lawyers in D.C. don’t have the answers-if they did, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.

I am asking for you to please consider my dad Robert Blaha when you fill out your ballot this week. He’s never let me down and he won’t let you down either.